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Who Is Responsible for Injuries Caused In a Car Accident?

Who Is Responsible for Injuries Caused In a Car Accident?

When a car accident occurs, there are several questions that are brought into play. Not everyone is aware of what their rights are or what options they must pursue legal action against the negligent party.

It is the legal action that is often the most confusing, especially when you consider the multiple parties who may be responsible for the accident. The negligent party may vary depending on the exact cause of the crash but identifying this is a very important step in the process.

Responsibility in a Distracted Driving Crash

In a distracted driving crash, the most common party who may be responsible for the injuries is the driver whose actions take their eyes of the road or hands off the steering wheel. This may include texting while driving or turning to look for something in the back seat.

However, there may be other matters to consider such as a situation wherein a passenger acts in a way to deliberately distract from the driver’s attention to the road. This may mean actions that block the driver’s vision or intrude on the driver’s control of the vehicle.

Responsibility in a Drunk Driving Crash

Liability in drunk driving accidents almost always falls on the drunk driver, unless another driver partakes in equally dangerous and reckless actions. However, this doesn’t mean liability falls solely on the driver who was intoxicated.

In Missouri, dram shop laws allow for additional and separate legal action should a person sustain injury after a drunk driving accident in which the driver was served alcohol after being visibly intoxicated. In these cases, the bar, establishment, or social host who served the already drunk individual more alcohol and allowed them to drive holds a share of liability.

Other Parties Who May Be Responsible

Auto manufacturers, part manufacturers, and even negligent companies may be accountable if the items the produce are defective. These defects can cause potential problems and put others at serious risk of a crash and subsequent injury.

Our St. Louis car accident attorneys at Kolker & Labovitz have extensive experience determining who should be held at fault when someone is injured because of a negligence-related accident. We take the time to explain your rights and options, so you have peace of mind every step of the way.

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