Premises Liability Claims in Missouri

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By law, every property or store owner is required to maintain the safety of their premises. When property owners or managers fail to provide a safe environment for their neighbors, guests, or customers, it can cause injury-causing accidents.

Unfortunately, many property managers fail to maintain such standards, either choosing to ignore them or neglecting to check up on them. In some cases, this can lead to debilitating personal injuries. This is why our Missouri injury lawyers are here: to represent those who have been injured in premises liability cases and other personal injury claims.

What Qualifies As "Premises Liability"?

There are various categories of premises liability claims, including defective conditions and security issues. Defective conditions can lead to accidental injuries caused by slip and falls or other accidents. This could be anything from an icy walkway to a liquid spill.

The second main cause of premises liability claims is inadequate security coverage. Victims may be attacked, assaulted, or mugged due to the lack of security provided by the owner. This means visitors are left vulnerable due to a preventable security issue. This may mean poor lighting in a dark parking lot or walkway, or even a lack of security or warnings.

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