Defective Drugs & Pharmaceutical Injuries

With the rise of medical advancements and technology, the number of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices on the market increases each year. Unfortunately, even where the products are approved by the FDA, they may not be entirely safe for public use.

Further, doctors may not have the right information to properly determine if products are right for certain patients. When pharmaceutical companies make profits, consumers often pay a heavy price.

At DeFeo & Kolker, LLC, we handle complex cases against pharmaceutical companies for the sale and distribution of dangerous or defective drugs.

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Expert Resources & Medical Industry Attorneys

Medical device and pharmaceutical drug injury can involve complex facts and difficult industry terminology. Our legal team routinely handles these complex cases and works with experts in the medical field that can assist in building your case. We will begin an immediate investigation to collect and preserve all necessary evidence and documentation, including medical records and pharmaceutical company records. While we are skilled negotiators, we are also prepared to pursue your case aggressively in court and win.

We are experienced in pharmaceutical injuries and claims involving:

  • Pharmaceutical defects
  • Improper dosage
  • Drug litigation
  • Medical devices
  • Injuries to children
  • Fen-fen and other diet drugs
  • Imatrex/ migraine medicines
  • Tetracycline

Counsel & Service Tailored to Your Needs

Our Missouri defective drug attorneys know that every client has unique challenges and needs. You can trust that we will tailor our services to specifically address your situation. Whether you are seeking immediate compensation or significant damages in a wrongful death claim, our attorneys can provide the advocacy and service your family needs and deserves. We will take time to explore your rights and options and will aggressively pursue your rights at every stage. With our full understanding of complex medical and legal issues, our legal team has the experience and dedication to successfully handle your medical device injury or pharmaceutical defect case.

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