Spinal Cord Injuries

According to the Mayo Clinic, about 11,000 Americans suffer spinal cord injuries every year. Few injuries have the same ramifications on a life as a spinal cord injury. In a matter of minutes, your mobility, freedom, and future are permanently affected. When another party causes you such a catastrophic injury, you deserve the chance to fight for justice and compensation-and we at DeFeo & Kolker, LLC can help you.

Side Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be caused from a variety of incidents including car accidents, workplace accidents, bullet wounds, sports injuries, and more. Car accidents remain the leading cause of spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis, loss of sensation and reflex function below the point of injury. As a result, functions such as breathing and bowel control can be affected. You can also experience other symptoms:

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Pain/Sensitivity to Stimuli
  • Bladder Infections
  • Lung Infections
  • Bed Sores

Let us help you fight for just compensation!

At DeFeo & Kolker, LLC, we have handled thousands of personal injury cases throughout the years. When you have sustained such a serious injury as a spinal cord injury, it is imperative that you secure serious legal representation. Each of our attorneys has over 15 years of experience behind them and they are proud members of the American Board of Trial Advocates. Our reputation speaks for itself: we are strong advocates on behalf of injured victims and have secured many successful results.

When you need financial compensation to continue living and to move forward after your accident, we encourage you to contact us. Should we enter into an attorney-client relationship, we can give you 100% of our time, resources, and skills to secure the damages you deserve. Hold the guilty party accountable today by contacting us!